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Home Inspection; A Guarantee to get your house in order

Presently, more than 80% of all Manhattan homes / properties sold involve a thorough Manhattan home inspection prior to being sold. This is simply because the new generation of home buyers and home sellers would like to know what it is that they are buying before they make any payments. What’s more, home buyers especially those buying houses for the first time have been sensitized on the significant of home inspections and how to avoid being ripped off when buying a new home. 

It has reached a point where sellers depend widely on home inspection to point out defects and the final report as a guide to carry out major repairs or improvement projects in an aim to make the house more comfortable and appealing. For pre listed properties, the inspections provide the seller with an opportunity to oversee a series of activities all aimed at making the house or property in question more appealing to the interested buyer.

Below is an overview of some of the main areas to focus on during a home inspection in order to finally get the house back in order. They include:

i. Heating & cooling system
During the home inspection, stress on having the entire system installed professionally cleaned and the serviced by an experienced professional. This is important since it serves as a guarantee to have all any defects pointed out and recommendations for repairs made consequently making the system most ideal for optimum operation when it is finally put back in use finally. 

ii. The roof
Depending on the type of roof present in the house to b inspected whether flat or sloped, it is advised that you consult a roofer in case you notice the roof is not looking good e.g. presence of cracks or slope.

iii. Plumbing system 
Problems with the plumbing system are very serious especially if left unattended to. This being the case, it is advised that you seek immediate plumbing repair service once the home inspection is down an part of the report state s that there is a problem with the plumbing system which requires urgent attention. 

iv. Pest Invasion E.g. Termites / Molds
As the home owner, make sure that part of the inspection is focused on thorough scrutiny of wooden components within the house. This is very important because it will help detect termites’ infestation prompting their removal consequently making the house more comfortable and most importantly termite / pest free.

Note: in addition to the above, it is strongly advised that as the home owner, you get to keep records of work, warranties as well as inspections and certifications on your property. This is important because they serve as great selling points to alleviate concerns after buyer’s home inspection.

Looking at the above it is very clear that most of the issues mentioned above are mostly focused on proper home maintenance. This being the case, if ever you are a home owner and you have not been taking them into consideration then you should seriously consider doing so since they stand to increase your selling price plus they can also help spare you a series of aggravation.

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