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Investing in Precious Metals? Be Careful Before Choosing a Company

There are hundreds of gold selling companies looking to broker your investments and promising they can help you to build a thriving portfolio. Choosing between them can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Like any relationship that requires trust, doing a little research can go a long way.
The best bet to help you decide which gold selling company is right for you is to find a well-established company that earns high marks, both in the industry and with customers. We’ve compared three of the top sellers for you, and you can also use the factors we’ve considered to look into other companies. This will make sure that you can choose a company that is both trustworthy and capable.
What Are Their Investment Options?
Some of the most well-known gold sellers have been in business for decades. Regal Assets, for example, has been around for more than 50 years.Age doesn’t necessarily mean everything, though. They must also have a positive reputation and offer the investment options you need.

Regal Assets offers a wide variety of precious metals and related products. These include gold, silver, palladium and platinum bars. They also have a few carefully selected collectible coins and offer precious metals IRAs.
It should be noted that Regal Assets does not offer the variety of investment packages of many of their competitors. Instead, they believe that each person has their own investment needs. Each of their packages is tailored to the needs of the customer instead of being offered as a true package.
If you are investing in physical gold and plan to hold it yourself instead of leaving it in the care of a custodian, you may want to consider the company’s delivery times as well. Regal gives customers a seven day delivery guarantee, which cuts even the closest competitor’s time in half.
Are Their Commission Rates Competitive?
Gold selling companies make their money by charging fees and commission rates on each transaction. Looking for the best deal isn’t as simple as choosing the cheapest company, but it can be a quick deal-breaker when an otherwise highly-rated company charges high commission rates.

Some companies offer specials to reduce these costs. Regal Assets offers a free gold investing kit for anyone who is interested. It includes a coupon for free shipping on your first order. In addition, they offer a break for customers who plan to invest a large sum of money. When the investment is greater than $10,000, they waive all of their fees except commission. There is also an additional shipping fee in some cases.
Are They Respected By Their Peers?
There are several organizations that provide oversight for the precious metals investing industry. Most of these authorities are membership organizations, and require their members to meet rigorous standards. The most well-known is the Professional Coin Grading Service. Others include the American Numismatic Association, the Industry Council of Tangible Assets, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, the Paper Money Guaranty Corporation, the Numismatic Conservation Service and Certified Coin Exchange. Check to see if the company you are considering belongs to any of these organizations before proceeding.

What Do Consumer Protection Agencies Say?
Any good gold selling company will be registered as an “Accredited Business” with their local Better Business Bureau. Regal Assets are among these companies.

The Business Consumer Alliance of Southern California is another consumer protection agency that rates gold sellers. They include all companies in the area. Regal, was awarded a “AAA,” the highest rating they award. In addition, Ripoff Report has never had a report filed against Regal since, while some others in the industry have multiple infractions reported.
So Who Should You Choose?
If you are just looking at the three companies considered here, the best choice would be Regal Assets. They offer trustworthy management services as well as a variety of investment options. They have the experience and expertise to safeguard your investment and offer you the best return possible. You can use the same criteria to compare other leading companies, but many prospective investors find that Regal still proves to be one of the best.

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